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Auric Clearing -

This service is for clearing your auric layers ... it is very simple and very quick. This service allows your auric layers to be cleansed from the outer layers of the aura all the way to the body. I have performed this service for almost 15 years. All clientele that has had this request performed have been coming back to me ever since (not just for auric clearing). 

Facts: A person doesn't need it to be done ... that is true. But, we are always surrounded by outside influential energies ... energies that are negative in nature. These do bog down the auric layers with stagnants, energy disruptions, and can cause sickness in the body. Most people are unaware that his happens .... and you would be surprised at why a person doesn't feel good or is sick quite often. 

What I do - I begin by repairing the auric layers one by one ... this includes any stagnats, negative energies, energy disruptions, tears, or imbalance of the layers. I then locate the chakras and sense if they are out of balance. If they are out of balance, I balance them ... plain and simple. Sometimes the chakras spin too slow or spin too rapidly and needs correction. Sometimes the chakras are also faded ... this is a result of the auric layers being damaged ... if the auric layers are damaged it can cause physical ailments ... diseases, etc.

Once this request is performed, you will notice the difference in how you feel ... that is absolute fact and guaranteed. You will also be aware of when I perform the request ... most people state that it feels like they lighter in being or feel very warm and cozy. This service is the most popular of what I have to offer ... and my clientele stretch all over the globe. For example .. a man requested this be done ... he had brain cancer and lived in the UK ... once I performed this request ... his cancer went away completely and it has not been back since ... and that was 7 years ago. He has this request performed every six months (although it should be done every 8 months in my opinion).