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This was the place where my services were available. Due to a deal with Ananiel, I am instructed to cease and desist all services or my abilities and power will no longer exist. That was the exchange I had to agree on in order for me to regain my power. Due to mass groups I was bound and relieved of my power temporarily. I sought Angelic Assistance rather than Demonic. I am changing my ways and will no longer act out of my boundaries, or perform any services that allow people to become more than they can gauge on their own. I am to discontinue all services for they meddle with the Universal Balance and my curbing the Zombie Outbreak that was suppose to happen this year brought the attention of things and beings that shall remain nameless. I am not breaking the oath that I had formed as of last night on May 11th, 2012. I am also forbidden to seal any doors on the astral or attempt to change any more future events. I am no longer allowed to create intra-bodies and can only instruct. I am no longer allowed to open the third eye unless instructed otherwise. I was given a watcher to be placed at my side at all times so that I shall never find myself performing the said actions. I can no longer summon angels for it will be an act against my oath that was agreed upon in exchange for the continual use of my abilities and powers. I am to have nothing to do with Demons for this will also breach the principals of the oath I agreed upon. I am to perform all works that are for the good and must perform tasks given to me and instructed by Ananiel or through my watcher. I am no longer allowed to perform magick that benefits others. All other actions against my oath will be deemed as a breach of the said oath that I am bound to. This includes making any more talismans or the selling of my blood. All aspects of my oath were agreed upon before Ananiel.