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My Name is William Wraithe.  I have multiple projects at the moment going on, so I have been busier of late (more than I like, anyway). Some of my project links are listed here below for quick access ... otherwise, go to the appropriate pages for what you want. I do not believe in popularity, or recognition ... I just do what needs to be done. If you cannot find what you are looking for here, then by all means go somewhere else. I do not seek approval from anyone, nor want it. I have been  a loner for a very long time and it seems like that is not going to change. Most of my works are done via the Astral, which is where the true power of magick reigns supreme. One day I hope to change this, but until then .. we work with what is given to us. Some people claim I am a scam, but for those who know me ... they know the truth. Like I said, I don't need approval nor want it. I just do what I do best ... and that is magick. I do not hate anyone, nor hold grudges ... people think I do, but in reality I don't. I let people make their own choices and pursue their own paths. That is it. If that makes me seem insensitive, then I guess it is just one opinion of many. I care not for drama, nor want it in my house or around me. It seems of late that the world has been drenched in unnecessary drama ... please, do not bring it with you.  I like to surround myself with positive energy ... because negativity is like a cancer ... and it will consume those who covet it. I will answer all questions honestly and (with permission) will try to give advice about anything and everything someone would like to know as best I can to my knowledge and experience. 

Available Tarot Decks:

Abstract Tarot Deck

Aemeth Zizop Oracle (in the making)

Animalis Spiritus Orare (in the making)

Death Clock Tarot  (Major Arcanum)

Infernum Tarot Deck

Mystical Creations Tarot Deck

Strange Wonders Tarot Deck

Wraithe Shadow Tarot (almost complete)

Wraithe Sigillum Tarot

Published Books:

My Author's Spotlight Page for Zazzle (this contains all 24 of my books).

Enter The Demon - Book 1 of the Wraithe Tales ( 

My Meditation CDs (will continue to be updated):

Sounds of Shifting (Active Phase) ( listing)

Sounds of Shifting (Active Phase) ( listing)

Sounds of Shifting (Rest Phase) ( listing) (almost complete)

Sounds of Shifting (rest Phase) ( listing) (almost complete)

Wraithe Wear Designs (zazzle products store):

Wraithe Designs Store  

              Most popular item at my Zazzle Store:   

                            Angelic Portal Key - Archangel Michael Talisman Personalized Necklace   

                            (reduced price - original price was $98.00 US)


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