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Dear Werelist douche bags, 

Stop bitching about me .... because it makes you guys look bad.

I should thank you though ... mostly due to your consistent stupidity.

Thank you for making me more popular within the Therian community

and pretty much throughout the whole world.

If it wasn't for you, people would not know who or what I am. So thank you 

from the bottom of my heart on how you guys promoted me.

No really ... you guys are awesome. You claim me to be false,

and then when people actually check me out ... they find out the truth.

After they find out that I am the real deal ... they leave your stupidity

behind and you guys get seriously pissed. I truly love it when

members of your community go behind your backs to 

seek my way because you are all a bunch of roleplaying idiots. And

then beg me not to say anything for fear of persecution

from you nut jobs. Yes ... I said nut jobs. Seriously, though....

you guys remind me of the Spanish Inquisition .... nut jobs.

So ... once again ... thank you. Now you can post this too in

your little message board so that people know that the 

only reason you try to smear my name and defame me 

is because I am pulling your ranks toward my true way

of becoming what they want to become. Your time

of fantasy thinking is over. People do not want to make-believe

anymore ... they want the real deal. And the little safety net bubble

you create .... well, it isn't what people want. Maybe if you

guys of the Therian Community would actually stop

bitching in hiding and actually man up for once about

that you're full of shit .... well, things might not be so bad in life for you.

Instead ... you do your play time in hiding and think everything that

you do is the most powerful shit in the world .... and you guys 

think that I'm delusional? Wow ... nice. 

Wolf Van Zandt is a true hypocrite. He goes around preaching how bad

I am, yet .... he has my book. He never uses his true name .... and

is a full blown christian ... says he is a hereditary werewolf .... and yet never

once mentions to anyone how he asked me for things back in the day .... but

is now hell bent on defaming me all of the time because I refused him.

I could go into detail about a lot of people .... and yes, most of them

are the very same ones who are so adamant on trying to make me

look bad. Do I though? Nope. I have let things go .... but here they are,

still leaving messages and reviews on my books .... people who never even read 

past the introduction. People who never tried the rituals ... nope, 

they drew straws on a little message board directed by Wolf Van Zandt 

because he is pissed off because I don't pay him no attention.

Grow up man!!!! Just because I refused you back in the day

doesn't mean it is the END OF THE WORLD!!! 

I wonder what people would think if they truly knew the truth about you

and how you begged me to sell my blood to you? And when I refused to sell

it to you .... you told me that I would be sorry because you were now 

going to ruin my career and get people to believe that I am a scam.

Or better yet ...

how you are a Christian fanatic and wanted me to help you

finish the rituals those many years ago and how you got totally

pissed because I told you to fuck off. You were not worthy of my help

back then and you are not worthy of my help now ...


I realize that you are getting old ... but you really have aggression issues ....

maybe you need your Christian Counselor to help you all over again ... and

perhaps go to church more often so that you feel closer to God. I don't think

that your Christian Community would like that you are a Therian ... oops,

I forgot ... you don't want them to know because that would make

you a hypocrite.