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Personal note --- All my spells are performed on the astral ... this is because the energy I use is contained on the Astral itself ... depending on the spell. Positive versions of spells (love, wealth, etc) ... are performed on the higher levels of the Astral, while Negative versions are performed on the lower levels of the Astral ... the Law of Attraction is truth. Thus, like energy attracts like results ... and needs to be performed in the necessary element it will be created in ... in addition, you have no complicated parts in the spell ... as in, you will not have to do anything but keep your spell in mind. As I seek you out on the Astral Realm, this is by far the best way to perform spells because I will be directly connected to you and your desires ... that's it. Yes, I know ... I removed my spells page a long time ago ... but the good news is that it is back now .... so enjoy!

Love Spell - 

This is, of course, about love .... and who doesn't want love? This spell can be used in many different directions. It can bring back a lover ... it can bring your soul mate to you ... it can make someone love you (which I frown upon). When you purchase this request ... it is permanent (unless I have to intervene). With that said, make sure you really want this request. Otherwise, you will be paying me to reverse it ... and that is more expensive because I have to use my own energy on the astral to snuff it out. This works on anyone in this world ... well, except for me ... and I can tell you in all honesty I will not perform a spell against myself ... what do you think I am ... stupid?

Please make sure you put your request in detail when you send me the payment or contact me by email which can be located on my contact page..

As a personal note ... I have seen the other prices on multiple web pages and this spell is not cheap ... plus those other spells are long in taking effect ... which sucks. Mine is just one spell ... and it only takes a week to manifest ... this is because I perform your request on the Astral (much easier). Sometimes I think that practicing magick on the material plane is a waste of time ... the effects are too unpredictable .. and the results can take forever ...

Personal Wish -

This service is for a personal wish. Unbeknownst to the world ... this is the only way to get your wish to work (other than magickal means). I know that it might not sound plausible ... but it actually works. This also does not include any magickal components either. I will sell this info at a mere $10.00 US. It is the cheapest, and most effective way to get one wish a year .... (technically there are only two times a year that you can get a personal wish to work ... and both will be included when you purchase this request). 

There will be a lot of unhappy people in the world when they find out that I am letting the secret out of the bag because most people who grant these wishes and say it is because of their spells etc make it happen but that is bullshit ... and they know it. I have even seen the price at $500.00 US and that is bullshit in my opinion, too ... because they are just trying to scam people into buying something that an individual can do any time in their life on the two factual times in the year. 

NOTE: This requires no magick ... and no unusual spell components either. In my opinion, these people who charge great amounts for this can kiss my ass.... seriously. This is by far the cheapest price .... and hopefully it will prove a lesson to those assholes that charge ungodly amounts ... YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE!!!! I'm not sorry that you all will lose your business over this ... and I also hope you learn the lesson of being honest to people who actually need a wish and can't afford it ...

Find Your Soul Mate - (Special) -

This service will allow you to know the exact name of your soul mate for this lifetime. I will provide the first and last name of the person (male or female) that you are directly connected with. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity.  If you really want to know who your true match in life is, then this is for you. Many people go through life not even coming close to their true love match ... they feel a void in their heart as well as their soul when they do not have the one true love in their life. No matter who you are, or where you are ... I will find them for you. This is the cheapest price ever witnessed on the net. I am only charging five dollars. 

We go through life as a fragmented soul ... or what is known as a soul shard. Soul shards are fragmented ... or split ... there are two pieces to one complete soul ... thus why we are only one fragment. When the two destined fragments come together it is perfect harmony, happiness, and bliss that you can only imagine. I offer this service to anyone regardless of their intent ..... I only wish to secure happiness to those two people who belong together as fate and destiny has ordained. Now is your chance to become complete and whole with the one who was destined to be with only you. Once connected, the two soul shards become complete and inseparable. Thus how true love works. If you do decide to purchase this request ... I guarantee you will not regret your decision.  Many people go through life never knowing true love and they remain unhappy and even depressed. They feel a void where there should only be fulfillment ... and in my opinion can be rectified. Satisfy your curiosity and find out the true name of your one true love .... your soul mate is waiting.