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Witch Academy: The Game

The true game of Witches! Be the first to get to the Ninth Circle!

Witch Academy: The Game is a fast paced game of intelligence and calculating your cards to win each Circle. You have to be fast to pass each instruction set by your Magus! There are 9 Circles (levels) you have to complete to become a Grand Magus (The champion witch)! As a beginning witch, the challenges are fairly easy, but as you climb the ranks of the academy, it gets hard! You, as a beginning witch, will have to outsmart your other classmates and rise above and beyond each round. Using the six elements, you will follow the instructions of your Magus (the Circles Card) to pass to the next Circle. Beware, my fellow witches, for there are also dangerous cards in the mix as well! Use the Magick cards to imitate any card you need; or use the Hex cards to make a fellow student lose their turn for one round; or use the Evil Eye Card to banish a player from the game at hand; or you can use the Portal card to switch directions! All in all, this game will be hours of fun for everyone! So, Merry Meet & Blessed Be to all who enter the magickal halls of the Witch Academy! May the God and Goddess bless you, and may the best student win!


Below is a sample card of each Elemental Suit and the Trial Card for that Element and the Nine Circles you have to complete to win:

2 of Air Card:

Trial of Air Card:

2 of Earth Card:

Trial of Earth Card:

2 of Fire Card:

Trial of Fire Card:

2 of Water Card:

Trial of Water Card:

2 of Spirit Card:

Trial of Spirit Card:

2 of Shadow Card:

Trial of Shadow Card:

Portal Card (Reverse the Direction of the Circle)

(Widdershins or Deosil):

Magick Card (Wild Card)

(Takes The Place Of Any Elemental Card):

Evil Eye Card (Banishing Card)

(Banish Any Player From The Current Hand or Game):

Hex Card (Lose Turn):